Meet the Artist
Posted by Lynn Sky April 19, 2014
Meet the Artist Blue Sky at Artista Vista / You are invited to meet Blue Sky preceding the Artista Vista exhibit at Motor Supply Restaurant for "The World's Greatest Art Show" Thursday, April 24th from 6 to 9pm. 'Anastasia and Friends' are hosting the Motor Supply Restaurant in the Vista 920 Gervais Street, Columbia, South Carolina For more information contact: Anastasia Chernoff (803) 66...
New Arcade Mall studio
Posted by Lynn Sky December 6, 2013
Blue Sky paints in his new location / Blue has a new studio in the Arcade Mall just across the hall from his original studio there. Come by and see him sometime. His favorite time to paint is in the late afternoons and evenings. Yes, he is still painting and still creating wonderful murals!
Back in the Arcade Mall!
Posted by Lynn Sky November 14, 2013
Blue Sky takes new studio in Arcade Mall / After celebrating his 75th birthday and recuperating from surgery, a smaller space became available at the Arcade Mall. So, Blue Sky is back and painting. Come by and see him - he's in the first studio inside the door from the 1216 Washington Street side. He prefers painting there in the late afternoon and evenings... (Photo by Rob Thompson, State Newspaper)
Downtown Arcade Studio closing!
Posted by Lynn Sky July 17, 2013
Blue Sky's studio is CLOSING in TWO WEEKS / Blue Sky's Arcade Mall studio in downtown Columbia will be closing down on July 31, 2013. He will be in the studio most evenings from about 3pm to 9pm if you 'd like to come by one last time to purchase a painting by Columbia's living old master... He loves the space, but... well... it is what it is...
Panama or Bust!
Posted by Lynn Sky April 11, 2013
Blue Sky is on his way to Panama City, Panama. (Picture shown: proposed mural wall) / Blue Sky is on his way to the "First Biennial of the South" invitational in Panama City, Panama. Central America will never be the same! "Where the artists take the city" is the motto of the First Biennial of the South in Panama City, Panama. Artist and Muralist, Blue Sky is on his way to Central America to the "Summoning Worlds" invitational celebration of 500 years of...
Open Studios this weekend!
Posted by Lynn Sky March 22, 2013
Join Blue Sky at the Arcade Mall Studio this weekend / The Columbia Open Studios is this weekend! Join Blue Sky at his studio in the beautiful historic Arcade Mall building at 1332 Main Street.... Or view his work directly from his large studio windows in the Arcade at 1216 Washington Street. Saturday 10-6pm and Sunday 12-6pm. Join him for a glass of wine and see his latest work in progress as he paints. And...We are featurin...
Color Study Moonscapes
Posted by Lynn Sky December 30, 2012
New series of moonrise paintings / Blue Sky's last series of 2012 includes 8 color studies of Moonrise paintings. Layering and glazing paints continually for the past 2 months, Sky created this jewel like collection of works of his favorite subject matter over the years: the moon rise at sunset. Check them out under Artwork/ Originals Available - here on our website. Enjoy!
Busted Plug Plaza News Conference
Posted by Lynn Sky December 10, 2012
2pm - Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at Busted Plug Plaza / There will be a press conference concerning the moving of the 40 foot fire hydrant sculpture by Blue Sky at 2pm on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 in front of Busted Plug Plaza on Taylor Street. Public is invited...
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